AIOVPN Features


When connected to our VPN, your connection and data will be encrypted with 2048-bit encryption. Meaning all your data will be passed through our secure tunnels. No one will know what you do online, not even us.


As a standard, all of our VPNs are equip wth at least 1Gbps, meaning you will get lightning fast connection to the VPN. Unlike other VPN companies, who offer 100mbps speed and bundle all of their users into one server, we have set a limit on how many people can join to one server at a time. This is to ensure that everyone will get the fast speed available, with little to no delay.


Your IP address and location will now be undetected, giving you complete anonymity and online privacy from websites, your internet service provider, and your government.

No Logs

At AIOVPN, we do not log at all! Which means, while using our VPN, we will not know when you joined, what sites you've visited, and when you've disconnected from our VPN. This will give you freedom from monitoring, which makes you undetected.

Uncensored Web

With AIOVPN, you can now visit any site you want in any country, without any restrictions or trottling at all! This is to provide the best internet experience for our users. So, you will never again be blocked from a website by the website, your ISP, or your government.